Sunday, January 6, 2008

4% of the iceberg

Today we toured 4 % of the second largest building in the world, the People's House in Bucharest. Begun in 1984, the building is only 90% complete after years with 20,000 workers on three shifts around the clock.

This morning we visited the St. Nicholas Student Church, the only student-directed Orthdox presence in Romania. It was a special day with the holy waters blessed for the year.

We also walked to the Bucharest Art Museum and took in several floors of Romanian art, including a full floor of iconography. All's well.

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3BsinGR said...

Abbie says you were right in the email, it wasn't exciting (to her). But Bass and I are more interested and glad to know what is going on with all of you. Hope you will have time to keep posting.