Wednesday, January 23, 2008

from timisoara to lupeni

Monday marked our last day that we spent in beautiful Timisoara. The plans for the day were for us to meet with a friend of Christi, Father Christian Pavel, who is a counselor for Social Assistance at the Orthodox ArchDiocese in Timis County. We all sat in a circle at the Orthodox Social Assistance offices and got a feel for the work that church is doing for those under their jurisdiction from human trafficking issues to domestic abuse. The reoccurring concept on our trip of a person's mentality resisting changes came up again during the talk. After our talk, we left Timisoara and headed back to Lupeni. Once in Lupeni, we had some time to unpack some before we divided up for dinner. We divided up for some of us were returning to visit again our host family friends and the rest of the group were heading to Pizza Planet with the returned Dana from the States. Most people later met up again at the local disco, but due to it being Monday night there was no dancing only socializing happened then. Thus our day was complete, even with us completing our Die Hard movie during our trip back to Lupeni. :)

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