Thursday, January 17, 2008

How we spend time in Lupeni

Today our group enjoyed a leisurely day in Lupeni. Our group had a great meeting in the morning where we discussed our latest reading about Orthodoxy ideas concerning the Trinity and also about a few icons. It was interesting to read and reflect on the articles ideas concerning the Trinity and apply those ideas to our own lives. For example, our group talked about how in the Trinity, God is often seen as the head of Trinity, with the Son and the Holy Spirit behind Him. Rather, it should be a perfect communion of the three persons with equal partnership. We also examined how the Trinity can be applied to our own lives. An example from the reading was of interweaving our work, school, faith or family together similar to the way the Trinity is interwoven. In other words, our faith, family, school should not be seperate entities but all used in conjuction to one another.
After the talk, we each headed our own way to check out Lupeni. A group of girls and I decided to check out a few second hand stores and a few markets that sold produce or random clothing items. It was a fun and exciting experience to dig through giant bins in the second hand store, which was a challenge. We also headed to Pizza Palace, a favorite pizza place for those staying here.
After looking around town, we headed back to the apartments, where another group of students was cooking dinner. Over the last few days, our group decided to divide into smaller groups and cook dinner for everyone, which generally is about 20 people. It is a challenge to navigate through Romanian groceries stores and figure out how much 20 people will consume at dinner. However, both dinners we have had with student cooks have turned out excellent. Tomorrow morning is our last morning in Lupeni for the week, so we are all eating breakfast again together.
I have found that cooking together is a very fun experience, so tomorrow morning will be a fun experience.
After breakfast, our adventure continues onto Timisoara, which sounds like it will be a great experience for everyone!

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Kathy said...

Beth, it sounds like you're having a splendid time! I knew you would. Thanks for keeping the family informed. It will be great to see you when you get back.
Aunt Kathy