Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Better late than never - the following is a reflection on our activities from Wednesday, January 9th:

01/9/2007 (Wed.)

Today we went up Straja road to the base of the mountain of where New Horizons does their high ropes and team building program during the summer. We got the chance to experience a bit of this by participating in a few organized games led by Vali and Ilie who have been a part of New Horizons since the beginning. It was cold and snowy but this didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. The games we did included, the thumb game, flying tree, electric fence, Alaskan Football, and the square game. All these games had one thing in common and that is teamwork. None of these games would have ended in success without having the proper communication, trust, encouragement, patience, and participation, all things which make a team successful. So these games were good reminders that it isn’t just one person that brings the success, it is the contribution of all that are involved.

Lauren Bergstrom

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