Saturday, January 5, 2008

Walking in a winter WONDERland

Today we walked. From the hostel to one of Bucharest's finest high schools where we were treated to a bit of history - lots of theological and experiential insight into Eastern Orthodoxy, Communism and its effects, social Trinitarianism, and the story of the New Horizons Foundation. After which we walked again, this time to the underground Metro. We came up at Bucharest's largest park, Herastrau Park. We walked through the park, past families pulling small children on old-fashioned runner sleds and busts of European Union leaders to celebrate Romania's entry into the EU a year ago. We walked to the Village Museum, an outdoor collection of houses, barns and cottages from the many different regions of the country. We then walked back to the Metro and to the Peasant Museum, another rich collection of Romanian history and culture. While we walked, we all wondered - about the blending of communist roots and capitalist seeds, about Orthodoxy's commitments and legacy in this environment, and about the place of a Calvin education in a world where context matters, and an elegant model can seem so simple...

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Kristina said...

sweet picture.
and the new horizons presentation was
awesome too.